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The Chinese aircraft building corporation AVIC has presented at the last air show in Zhuhai a draft of a business jet, which plans to develop its own manufacturer Chengdu Aircraft. The aircraft builder expects that the business aircraft will fly 8050 km and take on board 2.2 tons of payload, Aviation Week reports.

The aircraft, known as AVIC New Generation Business Jet ("AVIC of the New Generation Business Jet") is planned to be built according to a standard for business jets scheme with two engines located on both sides of the tail of the fuselage. The stabilizer of the aircraft will be raised to the middle of the keel.

It is expected that the wing span of the projected aircraft will be 24.56 m, the height of the machines - 7.2 m. The maximum cruising speed of the car should reach 0.85M.

Мощнейший двигатель и смена положения рулевого винта с правого борта на левый позволили существенно расширить возможности аппарата, и именно технические характеристики стали причиной большой популярности модели на международном рынке.

According to Aviation Week, the task to develop a business jet was put before Chengdu Aifcraft back in 2008. It is assumed that since then the manufacturer has not been able to achieve anything significant, since no Western aircraft manufacturer has agreed to assist AVIC in creating a business jet.

In terms of creating a business jet AVIC does not report.

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