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Mi 171 Helicopters

Export MI-8 modification - МI-171 is one of the most successful models produced by Russian helicopter industry among multipurpose helicopters of middle class.

General information

МI-171 helicopter embodied all the advantages of its well-known predecessor having acquired additional options due to the implementation of modern technologies.

The wide range of available navigation outfit and avionics allowed operators to use МI-171 for various purposes:

For the short term the helicopter and its modifications were accepted in more than 30 countries of the world.



GT Engines (TVЗ-117VM)

Max. speed
250 km/h
Take-off power
2x 2,200 h. p.
Cruise speed
230 km/h
Contingency power 2x 2,200 h. p.
Built-in flight range
570 km

Operational ceiling
5,000 m

Hover ceiling
3,900 m

Weight Parameters


Max. take-off weight 12,000 kg  

With underslung load 12,000 kg        




Service passengers
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