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Mi 17 Helicopters

Mi-17 helicopters are built at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant and the Kazan Helicopters, both Russian Helicopters companies.

General information

MI-17 is a multipurpose middle class helicopter. MI-17 appeared as a new modification based on MI-8 helicopter.

The designers of MI-17 kept the main advantages of MI-8, namely its efficient construction, high level of performance and operational security within wide temperature range (from -50C to +50C), easy maintenance, as well as much lower price in comparison to the similar international helicopters.

The most outstanding feature of MI-17 in comparison with MI-8 is a higher-performance engine.

Another feature of that modification was tail rotor placement to the port that allowed in order to improve its flight especially its ceilings and time-to-climb rate.

Nowadays MI-17 is operated in more than 60 countries of the world.



Cabin Dimensions

Max. speed
250 km/h
5,340 mm
Cruise speed
230 km/h
2,340 mm
Built-in flight range
610 km
1,800 mm
Operational ceiling
6,000 m
Volume 27 m3
Hover ceiling
3,900 m

Weight Parameters

GT Engines (TVЗ-117VM)

Max. take-off weight 13,000 kg   Take-off power 2x 2,200 h. p.
With underslung load 13,000 kg   Contingency power 2x 2,200 h. p.
Max. Payload, kg


in transport cabin 4,000 kg   Aircrew 3
on external sling 4,000 kg   Service passengers 26
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